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Valentine’s Cake Giveaway

Strawberry layered cake on white pedestal cake stand. We always love to make tasty treats for our friends and families for Valentine’s Day. It’s just one way we can show all those people we love and appreciate them, even if it is a holiday. This year we want to include you guys! We’ve been honored to get to know so many awesome couples… Read more »

Tiffany’s Bridal Brunch – Adel, Iowa

Leslie put together a french inspired bridal brunch for the lovely Tiffany. The menu was incredible: mesclun salad, yogurt parfaits with granola, fresh fruit skewers, breakfast meats, quiche, beignets, and Leslie’s famous crepe cake. Beverages included cold brew iced coffee, tea, and mimosas. All of the food was fresh and homemade, prepared by Leslie or… Read more »

Spring Wedding Inspiration – Planning, Design & Rentals

We had a fun photo shoot this spring to showcase some of Leslie’s many skills and a few of our rentals. We met before sunrise to begin set up to catch that beautiful morning light. The dew made my canvas shoes sloshy and my feet cold. I remember being quite excited when the warm sun finally… Read more »

Strawberry Cream Birthday Suprise

We’ve been gearing up for wedding season to arrive after several chilly winter months. In the meantime, we also get to have fun celebrating birthdays. Last week was one of those monumental birthdays for a friend of mine. She had been dropping hints to me that her grandmother used to bake her a strawberry cake every… Read more »

Mini Bundt Cakes

Hi guys, Leslie here! I realize this post is well overdue, but my mind is spinning with new ideas for my lovely mini bundt cake pan. Over the holidays I tried out this newly gifted pan. When peering in the fridge for ingredients, I realized I had some eggnog that needed to be used up… Read more »

Des Moines Bakery – Bewitched Chocolate Berry Cake

Leslie is at it again! Having Leslie around has been so fun and filled with afternoons sipping coffee and dreaming up things together. One of those days we plotted to make a cake so Dave could film it for something he’s working on. While we were out, we snapped a few photos. Who else trudges… Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we all showed up in the same room sporting some type of red and denim attire. How does this happen?! I suppose this is the day to wear red so it was bound to happen, especially if you know David and me. We tend to look alike and wear similar outfits anyway. Sadly, I have no… Read more »