Mini Bundt Cakes

Hi guys, Leslie here!

I realize this post is well overdue, but my mind is spinning with new ideas for my lovely mini bundt cake pan. Over the holidays I tried out this newly gifted pan. When peering in the fridge for ingredients, I realized I had some eggnog that needed to be used up — eggnog bundt cake it was! I’m sharing the recipe with you today despite eggnog season being well over.

Pin the recipe to try once eggnog is back on the shelf at the grocery store or even make your own. Who says we can only drink eggnog during the holidays anyway? This is a simple recipe I’ll make several times a year and enjoy eating any time of the day (even for breakfast). Cake for breakfast? YES!!

Lately I had been thinking about how fun mini bundt cakes would be for wedding desserts. They are simple, classic, and¬†elegant, and you can do so many yummy flavors. Mariah and I were talking about how we would enjoy the look of several different cake flavors drizzled in pastel colored glaze, making a type of ombre effect. How pretty and fun would that be?! Bundt cakes are also a great cake for all of you who are not buttercream fans or prefer a cake with less frosting.¬†Even a simple dusting of confectioner’s sugar will do for this subtlety sweet dessert.

In the meantime, I am starting to dream up light, spring-time desserts.