Spring Wedding Inspiration – Planning, Design & Rentals

We had a fun photo shoot this spring to showcase some of Leslie’s many skills and a few of our rentals. We met before sunrise to begin set up to catch that beautiful morning light. The dew made my canvas shoes sloshy and my feet cold. I remember being quite excited when the warm sun finally came out. Below are a few of those photos.

Vintage cake stand sitting under table at sunriseWedding designer, Leslie Poyzer, carrying cake stands at sunrise photo shootAn array of vintage cake stands on table at sunriseClose up of cherry blossoms before full bloomWedding designer, Leslie Poyzer, adjusting bouquet of handmade paper flowersRuched paper garlands behind wedding dessert tableWedding designer and baker, Leslie Poyzer, finishing dessert tableWedding dessert table inspiration featuring pinks, yellows, and oranges9-wedding-dessert-buffet-des-moines-bakery 10-des-moines-bakery-mini-bundt-cake-desserts-pastels 11-wedding-dessert-table-inspiration-des-moines-photography 12-des-moines-bakery-vanilla-buttercream-confetti-layer-cake 13-des-moines-wedding-bakery-madeleines 14-paper-ruffle-cake-topper-des-moines-design-studio15-wedding-dessert-table-pastel-colored-mini-bundt-cakes 16-cake-server-des-moines-rentals 17-blackberry-custard-tart-des-moines-bakery-dessert-table 18-pie-server-des-moines-wedding-rentals 19-wedding-dessert-table-inspiration-des-moines-bakery-and-design 20-arboretum-wedding-dessert-table-des-moines-bakery 21-des-moines-bakery-dessert-table-inspiration 22-handmade-handpainted-paper-flowers-wedding-decor 23-handmade-handpainted-paper-flowers-wedding-decorations24-des-moines-iowa-arboretum 25-cherry-blossom-des-moines-iowa-photographer Bridal table set in blooming spring arboretum 27-des-moines-wedding-designer-spring-wedding-inspiration 28-des-moines-wedding-table-rentals 29-des-moines-wedding-event-rentals 30-des-moines-wedding-china-rentals 31-des-moines-vintage-dinnerware-rental-company 32-vintage-silverware-rental-des-moinesClose up of Mr. and Mrs. paper award ribbons on back of couple's chairs 34-des-moines-wedding-rentals-and-design Table setting of vintage rose china and handmade paper charger 36-des-moines-wedding-planner-designer 37-des-moines-wedding-photographer-spring-inspiration 38-des-moines-wedding-decor Bridal table set with vintage dinnerware 40-des-moines-water-works-park-arboretum 41-des-moines-wedding-designer-Leslie-Poyzer

If there is anything you see that you would love for your next event, get in touch! We would be happy to custom create decor and help bring your own vision to life. By the way, Leslie’s desserts don’t just look pretty, they are delicious. She’s happy to make your wedding and shower cakes or create an entire dessert table like you see here!