Strawberry Cream Birthday Suprise

We’ve been gearing up for wedding season to arrive after several chilly winter months. In the meantime, we also get to have fun celebrating birthdays.

Last week was one of those monumental birthdays for a friend of mine. She had been dropping hints to me that her grandmother used to bake her a strawberry cake every year to celebrate. This year was my turn to provide the cake, and I was happy to start thinking spring. I pulled out a warmer weather recipe for her surprise cake, the Strawberry Cream cake. Pardon my picture quality guys… I only had my iPhone around to quickly snap these photos before heading off to the party.

Yum. This is a pure strawberry cake, topped with a strawberry buttercream. I also couldn’t help but add a little fun to the cake. I used the party napkins as my inspiration and created a quick cake bunting.

The cake was definitely a surprise to my friend; we might have even seen a tear or two. I love that I get to be a part of special events like this, but honing in on special family memories and traditions is my favorite.