Stover Family Photos – Des Moines, Iowa

Dave got to photograph our friends Wayde and Erin and their little lady, Ruby, this fall. We also filmed their wedding a handful of years ago, and it has been beautiful to watch as their family grows. Today I’m extra sentimental thinking about the blessings they’ve recently enjoyed. They used to live one street over from us; we could see each other’s apartments through the tree line during winter. About two months ago they purchased and moved into their first house, and we heard Stover baby #2 is debuting this summer! :) Ruby is darling and has such a fun personality; I think she will be a great big sister.

Its been pretty neat to experience long-time friends becoming parents. Dave told you before about how awesome we think Wayde and Erin are, so its pretty sweet to see fellow creatives having kids. It gives us some confidence that when the time is right, we might be able to balance it all in a similar grace.

We’ve been getting to watch many of our friends’ little families grow as of late, which means I have a few maternity sessions for you guys coming up!