Wayde and Erin’s Wedding on Super 8 – Grinnell, Iowa

Wayde and Erin, good friends, and two of my favorite people ever!

Wayde has always been my “big brother” of everything photo and graphic design related, as he is a great photographer and designer. Very knowledgeable. Much of what I know today originated from his sweet skills. We also both share a love for unicycles, and off-roading with them. Yes, those one wheel circus contraptions, but don’t go making fun of them before you’ve youtubed “extreme unicycling” ;)

Erin has a sweet design sense and style, loves thrifting, and enjoys finding old vintage cameras. We often brag to each other what we find at thrift stores, and if we ever both happen upon the same thrifting joint at the same time, it’s a rush to see who can find the camera stash first!