Scott & Kristin Super 8 Wedding Film – Des Moines, Iowa

Check out these love birds.

Scott and Kristin were married August 4th in a beautiful, rustic studio space in Des Moines’s East Village. It was a lovely wedding accented with fantastic live music (Scott and Kristin are both amazing musicians so it was a big part of their day), a gorgeous ceremony backdrop made from receipt paper (believe it or not!), great food, fire lanterns, and lots of friends!

The reception, we can honestly say, was the most fun we’ve had at a wedding to date. It was held at a music venue also in the East Village called Wooly’s. It was the perfect spot to host an intimate dinner for family and close friends following the ceremony, and then set loose a humongous dance party a short time later. The End, a Beatles tribute band that Scott plays in, started the night off right, followed by DJ Eight Ten and Flatform.

Dave is really pumped with how this film turned out. He is always researching new techniques and trying new things (if you want to know more, head to the bottom of the post). So here, my friends, please enjoy!


Scott & Kristin’s Wedding Day on Super 8 from The Wedding Format on Vimeo.

Nerdy Tech Notes From Dave: Scott and Kristin’s Super 8 video was shot on two Kodak film stocks. Ektachrome 100D (a positive film I normally shoot on) and Vision 3 500T (a negative film which requires inverting). Where things got really interesting, was pushing the Vision 3 film two extra stops! Pushing two stops is basically shooting it like a 2000 ASA film and developing it longer to compensate for under exposing it. Doing this made it possible to film in a dark room AND in slow motion, 70 frames per second to be exact. That requires a 1/250th shutter speed! We knew going into this, it was kind of a crap shoot, but we managed to get just enough light for this film to turn out spectacularly! The 8mm wide film stock held up amazingly well, bringing us details of the night not normally possible to capture on such a small film format.