Ellen & Zack – Wedding Video – Victor, Iowa

For those who know me very well know, red isn’t really my color. I wear red, but it isn’t in my house anywhere. My childhood church had immensely saturated, red carpet, and all of the weddings I remember attending there used this red in their color palette. My assumption is that it was unavoidable. So I’ve had this thing about red. At our wedding, I didn’t choose colors, I chose “not red”. I remember telling people when they would ask me about colors, “ah, all sorts of colors, just no red.” Well, folks, this wedding has made me a believer. You could do a Christmas-themed wedding wrong in so many ways, but this DIY, Christmas-y wedding is beautiful. Ellen is glamorous in her red cardigan amongst all the blowing snow, the varying red bridesmaids’ dresses all work for me, and make sure you notice Zack’s red plaid tie. I actually think that the Christmas element makes it feel quite romantic and fills me with all of the goodness and warmth of the holidays. I hope it does you too.