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A little about us

It’s us! Dave and Mariah! – We’ve been married since 2009, have been on countless road-trips, consumed gallons of coffee, and documented a whole bunch of happy couples on one of the best days of their lives.

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We love helping families experience a relaxed and fun wedding day. We give you time to stop and experience it. We know from our own experience, it moves all too quickly.

Most days are spent back-to-back, quietly at home working behind computer screens, spinning vinyl, talking business (we also do another business called Canoe There), caring for our tremendous amount of plants, after enjoying a slow breakfast in our 1898 Victorian era home in Des Moines, Iowa. We love that we work together.

We both studied business in college and both found a passion for art and creativity from an early age. When we started hanging out in 2005, it made sense to spend time behind the camera together too.

When we’re traveling we’re always on the look-out for the best coffee and donut shops. Dave is a mountain man. Mariah loves the sea.

Friends is one of the only shows we can both agree on.

We like Jesus, and people, and our city, and laughing. We spend our free time with family and friends and lately during good weather, you’ll catch us working on our house exterior.

We started this company by accident, but we have fallen in love with helping couples have an amazing wedding day. We think marriage is awesome and important. Our goal is to help you have fun, find peace, and provide space for you to be together.



– Photograph as many outdoor and backyard weddings as possible!
– People come first; photos come second.
– Process and deliver every photo with the same care that goes into the one you post on Instagram.
– Deliver candids. You never know what moments will matter most until they are gone.
– Don’t take yourself or your photos too seriously.
– It’s about the couple and their families, not your portfolio.
– Don’t force it. Keep it real.
– Have fun!


Thinking of booking us for your wedding? That’s great! Let’s start a conversation.

We are located in Des Moines, Iowa and available to travel almost anywhere!

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