Wedding dessert table inspiration featuring pinks, yellows, and oranges
Woohoo! A pretty little DIY is about to grace your screen. Here’s the story:

My parents purchased this desk second-hand for my older brother during college. Since then I’ve used it a time or two, and last spring I once again dragged it out of their garage for use in our home office. I knew immediately I wanted to paint it. Looking back, I don’t think it was the green color I hated so much as the contrasting drawers. Regardless, after seeing this photo I was hooked on the idea of a salmon pink desk. When Dave was out of town last weekend, I finally got around to tackling this project. My pink is more of a bright coral than the original subdued salmon I fell for. I wanted to leave the top natural, and, worried there wouldn’t be enough contrast, I opted to brighten it up a bit. Since I already had paint brushes, sand paper and primer on hand, I completed this project for under $10. The two drawer pulls and two sample size paint containers came in at $9.86.

So here she is, my lovely coral desk. It’s probably irrational how much joy she brings me.
coral pink desk and vintage office space

Have you been up to any fun DIY projects lately?