Stationery & Invitation Design

The first glimpse of your wedding doesn’t come for your guests when they arrive at the venue. It doesn’t even come when they see your engagement photos. The first glimpse comes with the first piece of mail they receive announcing the upcoming marriage of you little lovebirds!

That piece of mail better look good.

More than that, it should represent both you as a couple and the ceremony it is announcing. No pressure, right? Well, if you hire us to take care of the print and design of all those paper pieces to your wedding puzzle, there won’t be. We can cohesively design and print all your wedding essentials. Invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards, food menus, and any other needed stationery.


While we’re talking aesthetics, let’s talk about the look of the ceremony/reception. You may be the kind of girl (or guy) who’s been planning this day since you were five years old and saw Father of the Bride. You may also be at a loss as to what you want for decor. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, stuck in Pinterest purgatory, overwhelmed with inspiration but no idea of how to make it happen. Whatever your situation, we can help you out. Due to a love of thrifting and decorating, we’ve amassed somewhat of a “warehouse” of supplies. We have a collection of mason jars, Polaroid photo frames, table cloths, planters, string lights, etc. to help give your wedding a vintage feel without breaking the bank. Items available for rental only (this will keep your cost down), so please contact us to set up a time to check out the goods.

P.S. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, hope isn’t even close to being lost. Ms. Mariah is pretty crafty and very resourceful. Share your vision and watch it come to life. Bonus: items we custom make can be purchased so that you can treasure them always!