The Wedding Format

The Wedding Format is a wedding arts studio created by husband and wife duo Dave and Mariah Poyzer. We’re photographers, film makers, and designers. We’re based out of Des Moines, Iowa. We happen to have a love for the road – so yes, we are more than happy to travel to your wedding!

Some words that are associated with The Wedding Format include: vintage, comprehensive, and natural. While it’s true that we shoot on many kinds of film considered to be vintage, like Polaroids and Super 8mm, we also offer the latest in digital photography and videography. We’ll hold on to that vintage label, though, because it encompasses that warm and candid vibe that so many of our brides and grooms request and love. We’re guessing they call our services comprehensive because we offer basically every visual service a wedding entails; photos, films, and even design and decor. As for natural, well, that refers to the relaxed and natural state you’ll find yourselves in when working with The Wedding Format. We bring a warm blend of passion-driven technical skill and comfortable charisma that will put you, your wedding party, and your guests at ease.

You can read more about our specific offerings by clicking the headings above, and we highly recommend that you do. While we are photographers, videographers, and even stationographers, we’ve been told we have a unique spin on all of those -ographies. We encourage you to take a deeper look to see for yourself!

Want to know more about us? Shoot us an email, we would be happy to chat over some good coffee about how The Wedding Format can fit into your biggest of days.